For Sale By Owner Appraisal


Your home is a result of your sweat and labor—it’s full of time and memories, which is why it is not easy to leave it. But almost everyone, at some point, wishes to move on to another home. The problem that arises is selling their old house. Pricing your home to sell is essential to making the transition from one home to the other. Before you list your current house For sale by owner, make sure that you have it valued by an unbiased, experienced appraisal company like Bankruptcy Home Appraisers.

The major advantage of having an For sale by owner appraisal is getting a clear picture of your current home’s value. Your appraiser will price your house based on the condition of your home, square footage, any upgrades and improvements you’ve made, and most importantly, current market trends. This knowledge will empower to price your property well and increase your chances of a quick closing with a qualified buyer.

Make no mistake, pricing is the key factor in whether or not you are effective in selling your home. Your home is great and has lots to offer, but if it’s overpriced, potential buyers may not even give it a second look. That leads to excessive time on the market. As the days add up, you could end up taking less than your home is worth just to free up the money to move on.

If you’ve decided to sell your own home, don’t let this happen! The longer your property sits without interest, the more likely you are to change strategies. Never get lured in by an agent that calls up offering to list your house at a drastically reduced price without an appraisal. Since they don’t have anything to lose, they may be thinking of their own benefits first and yours second. There are some unscrupulous agents that will list your house based on the profit they estimate from the listing for themselves, and not the actual value that it deserves.

This is where an FSBO appraisal from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers will help. One of our experienced, state-certified appraisers will visit your home, measure the surface area, and complete a thorough inspection of all upgrades and improvements. He will then appraise your house based on the locality and the current market trends of that area. By seeking advice from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers, you can rest assured that your house will be valued at just the right price — not more, not less — ensure that you get the offers that your home deserves.

If you are planning to list your home FSBO, then only seek help from an experienced appraisal company that will properly evaluate your house and advise you accordingly. A less experienced appraiser not only lacks expertise, but also lacks long-term knowledge about the market which is an absolute must for selling your home independently.

The process of selling your home is an interesting journey that can come with lots of unexpected difficulties. Without an expert valuation in the form of an FSBO appraisal from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers, you risk either under or overpricing your home — both of which can cost you time, money, and peace of mind. Before your offer your current home for sale, invest in an appraisal for the smoothest, most profitable transition.