Home Measurement


Home measurement pertains to the amount of heated livable area. As a homeowner, you call the entire parameter of your property your home. However, in reality, not every square foot of this property is livable. A lot of space is taken up by gardens, backyards, garages, and other storage facilities.

When all these areas are subtracted by the total measure, the livable area of a home is calculated.

If value and size are inextricably linked, you may be leaving money on the table for your client if you list a home as being smaller than it actually is. On the flip side, if you market a home as being larger than it truly is, you may end up with an angry buyer or an appraisal that doesn’t come in at a value that will support the financing requirements of the transaction.

A quality, professional home measurement from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers will enhance your real estate presentation and provide an added benefit to differentiate your property listing. Real estate agents use Bankruptcy Home Appraisers’ floor plan service and home measurement to highlight their property’s interior layout. This service compliments the properties interior/exterior photos and provides a complete picture for your prospective buyers.

Real estate appraisers are the only professionals that are trained on how to properly measure a home. They are also the only group that can submit certified home measurements to have official government records changed. Divorce Home Appraisals has those qualifications.

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0 to 2500 SQ. FT

BASIC: $175




2501 to 5000 SQ. FT

BASIC: $275




5001 SQ. FT and above

BASIC: $325+