Pre-Purchase Appraisals

Today’s real estate market can be challenging, so it’s common for home buyers, homeowners, and realtors to rely on appraisers for assistance. A relatively small investment in a pre-purchase appraisal from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers can easily save or net you several thousands of dollars and countless hours of time and hassle. In many instances, pre-purchase appraisals are requested by the parties involved with a potential purchase/sale of a property to obtain the market value. This might be to determine the sale price, help negotiate a fair sale price, or to set an offering price.

Pre-purchase appraisals play an essential role of almost every sale involving real estate. An objective, unbiased appraisal from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers will give you an accurate reflection of value of the property you want to purchase and a basis for an offer. This information can be shared with the real estate owner to show them an actual market value. Additionally, there are times when a buyer and seller agree on a price, but when the appraisal is done for the bank, the value does not come in. A pre-purchase appraisal from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers will help avoid this.

Purchasing a property is a substantial investment with built-in risks and potential benefits. By obtaining a pre-purchase appraisal from Bankruptcy Home Appraisers, the buyer and seller become more informed about the property and essentially the property’s value. When purchasing a property, place your trust in an appraisal company that has been performing professional real estate appraisals for over a decade. Our appraisers are locally based and prepared to provide high quality, detailed appraisals.